The Graph Delegation Guide for locked $GRT

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Apr 24, 2021


GRT Token Address: 0xc944e90c64b2c07662a292be6244bdf05cda44a7

Delegation of locked GRT tokens through interaction with a smart contract.

Our indexer — glad.eth ( 0xF304928BE241AaA4d3bC6B95328300b5691aAB9e )

0.1 This guide will help you to delegate locked GRT token to an indexer via smart contract.

0.2 First what you will need is to send some ETH on your wallet which is required to send transactions.

1. Run the browser and go to
1.1. Read warning messages of the website and take an option (Sure / Decline)
1.2. Allow website to connect to your Metamask and then go to the beneficiary address which you previously created to receive rewards to
1.3. The go back to
2. Click on blank sheet icon below default_workspace
2.1. In a separate browser tab open:
2.2 Press ctrl+a, then ctrl+c and copy the whole code
2.3 Go back to remix and paste (ctrl+v) in TokenLockWalletABIRemix.abi
2.4 Click the button «deploy and run a transaction» on the left
2.5 In Environment dropdown menu select Injected Web3.
This should normally result to an automatic connection to Metamask extension
2.6 Paste vesting contract address, from email sent by TheGraph team, and press At Address.
3. You may have not received email with vesting contract addresses from the team so if this is your case then go to

3.1 Paste standard query to left panel

tokenLockWallets(where: {beneficiary: “ETH ADDRESS”}) {
3.2. Replace the ETH ADDRESS with your beneficiary address (0x…)
3.3 Click PLAY
3.4 The given address (0x…) is your vesting contract address. On this screenshot there are two vesting contract addresses, indexer and curator correspondingly.
4. Go back to a tab with
4.1 Paste the lock-contract address from paragraph 3.4 in right field.

5. Every time you need to delegate locked GRT tokens from another reward address, go through this procedure again.

5.1 Important!!! Beneficiary address should contain both upper and lower case
5.2 Click At Address
5.3 Then click on arrow to open the contract
5.4 It is essentially important to click on currentBalance first and check whether it matches with the one frome email. If balance is correct, press approveProtocol
5.4.1 This is the first transaction, that confirms the interaction with the vesting contract address. Confirm it in remix
5.4.2 Then confirm it in metamask
5.5 Copy the balance value to proceed with the delegation
5.6. Press on the arrow on the right to expand the section
5.8.1 Paste the balance value from paragraph 5.6 in tokens field
Paste indexer address:
0xF304928BE241AaA4d3bC6B95328300b5691aAB9e (glad.eth)
in indexer field and press transact button
5.8.2 Confirm transaction in remix
5.8.3 Then confirm it in metamask

6. Keep in mind that you have to pay a deposit tax of 0.5% GRT of the amount of the delegation.

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