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Инструкция по делегированию залоченных токенов GRT через взаимодействие со смарт контрактом.

Instructions for delegating liquid GRT tokens through interaction with the web interface.

1. Open official TheGraph website.

GRT Token Address: 0xc944e90c64b2c07662a292be6244bdf05cda44a7

Delegation of locked GRT tokens through interaction with a smart contract.

Инструкция по делегированию ликвидных токенов GRT через взаимодействие с веб-интерфейсом.

1. Открываем официальный сайт TheGraph


In order to successfully install Agoric node, you will need a server with at least 4 GB of RAM, decent connectivity, a drive with sufficient disk space and, please, have the port 26656 opened in order to connect to the Agoric peer-to-peer network. …

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