Delegation to TheGraph Indexer liquid $GRT tokens

1. Open official TheGraph website.
2. Search for glad.eth and click the link.
3. Or just click this URL and proceed to the site.
4. Select the wallet (Metamask in our case) to connect to TheGraph.
5. Confirm with the blue button
6. Indexer profile.
7. Click delegate button, select delegate button again.
8. Enter desirable amount of GRT tokens and click Submit Transaction
9. Allow to withdraw your GRT tokens and automate transactions for you.
10. Wait for metamask to approve confirmation of the transaction.
11. Pay the transaction of delegation.
12. Wait for metamask to confirm the transaction of delegation.
13. In indexer profile you can see total amount of tokens you have delegated.
14. This monitor tool — glad.eth shows current indexer parameters.
15. Alternative monitor tool: glad.eth

Useful links:
Our twitter page —
Our telegram channel —
Official website The Graph —
Our website —



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